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New FREE KYND Phishing Simulator now available to brokers to help businesses take control over their phishing risks


A new easy-to-use Phishing Simulator, exclusively available to KYND’s Broker Programme members, empowers their clients with real insight into the business’ susceptibility to phishing attacks. With 2020 witnessing a sharp 667% spike in phishing attacks centred around the global pandemic, phishing has quickly become one of the top cybersecurity challenges for organisations of all sizes and industries globally. As the frequency and sophistication of phishing continues to proliferate at alarming rates, it’s now more than ever crucial for businesses to understand and reduce the likelihood of the attack with potentially devastating consequences. Keeping in line with our commitment to #StopTheBad and help businesses to protect themselves against cyber threats, our KYND Broker Programme members will now have access to the Phishing Simulator Tool. Effective, yet easy-to-use, it enables you to reap the benefits of partnering with a cyber risk management expert and provide your potential and existing customers with real, actionable insight into the human factors increasing their risk of falling victim to a cyber attack. The interactive phishing risk assessment plays an integral role in your client’s cyber resilience strategy by:
  • Offering your clients a safe and easy-to-use way of testing their employees’ susceptibility to being phished or socially engineered that can be launched in minutes
  • Helping your clients effectively increase their employees’ cybersecurity awareness and take the right steps to build a cyber-resilient culture within the organisation
  • Empowering your clients with a confidential threat insight to understand and manage their business’ existing human risks associated with real cyber-attacks.
As a member of the KYND Broker Programme, you can now easily access the Simulated Phishing Tool through your Broker Portal dashboard and start helping your clients to reduce their likelihood of falling victim to ubiquitous phishing attacks. Not yet a member but interested in this and other unrivalled benefits of the KYND Broker Programme? The get in touch with our friendly broker expert team at or visit our website for more information.
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