Why can’t cyber risk be easier to manage?

You’re not alone, we think that too. Big companies and small businesses alike are struggling to keep up with the reality of cyber risks they face. It’s not just an ‘IT problem’ anymore – or about being hacked.

Too many of us think cyber security is difficult to understand and expensive to manage. KYND are here to change that. Using our pioneering technology, we help – your business, clients and any other organisations you do business with – manage cyber risks.

Cyber crime is the biggest threat to any business

device connections
More of us are exposed

By 2020 it’s predicted 4 billion people will be online, with the overwhelming majority of businesses reliant on online services.

Cyber-attacks cost billions

3 million British companies were hit with some sort of cyber-attack – costing more than £29 billion in 2017.

Small doesn’t mean safe

SME’s are actually the biggest victims – with 61% experiencing a cyber-attack in 2017.

It costs more than just money

It’s not only financial loss – business disruption , reputational damage and data loss are indirect costs that could impact your business.

How does KYND help?

KYND helps to stop cyber risks affecting your business – quickly and simply


Our technology is constantly scanning to provide expert insight into a company’s cyber risk exposure.


Using a simple traffic light system, the KYND risk profile highlights in red or amber any areas where the business could be exposed.


If part of your business is vulnerable, we help you take action to stop potential cyber risks turning into a real attack.


Watch our short video that explains KYND:

What makes KYND special?

Apart from being awesome and unlike anything else out there it also gives you these wonderful benefits!

Simple and friendly

Unlike others out there, we don’t believe you need to be an IT guru to understand cyber risk. KYND keeps everything simple and speaks your language. We don’t bamboozle you with complex technical jargon.

Easy to use and non intrusive

Just enter you website name – it’s that easy!It’s completely non-invasive too – we don’t need long questionnaires filled out or access to your computer, network or systems to identify cyber risks like many companies out there.

What makes KYND special?

Apart from being awesome and unlike anything else out there it also gives you these wonderful benefits!

Instant results and help to fix

There’s no hanging around or “we’ll contact you shortly” message from KYND, we get to work fast and your cyber risks are revealed instantly. More importantly our lovely KYND team can help advise you on how to fix them.

Continuous monitoring and alerts.

Of course the cyber world is evolving and changing daily. New threats can appear at any time. We regularly scan your cyber risks and alert you immediately if we find anything.


Why pay more than you have to?! Penetration testing, network analysis and all those other things can be costly. KYND isn’t.

Who is KYND for?

Because KYND’s awesome cyber risk management tool is so simple and easy to use, we think limiting who can use it just wouldn’t be fair! We’re on a mission to change the industry and distribute our services as widely as we can.

To make it easy for you to see where KYND is being used and which product is best for you, we’ve identified some different sectors.  But please don’t worry if your sector isn’t listed – we can pretty much help anyone, just give us a call!


Business owners, CISO, IT basically anyone who manages cyber risks for their company!

For your business

Whether you’re a small independent business or large global enterprise, if you want to manage the cyber risks facing your company, simply, quickly and easily – KYND is for you!

The right KYND product for you is KYND On

Insurance brokers, legal or professional service providers anyone who advises their clients on cyber risks.

For your clients

Do you advise on cyber risks? Or provide professional services, think lawyers, consultants and insurers? – then it’s KYND Advisor for you. KYND Advisor exposes the full range of your clients’ cyber vulnerabilities in a way that’s easy for you and your clients to deliver real results quickly and simply.

The right KYND product for you is KYND Advisor

Anyone who wants to see the cyber risks of their or their clients’ supply chain.

For your suppliers

Do you share information with your suppliers online? It’s vital, isn’t it – but that digital connection can leave your business exposed to cyber risk. Use KYND Start to discover if your suppliers are vulnerable to a cyber-attack and minimise your exposure to one too!

The right KYND product for you is KYND Start

Don't just take our word for it

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