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Investment Management

Protect investment capital from cyber risk

See risk fast

Whether it's due diligence or daily portfolio management, get the insights you need quickly with easy-to-understand cyber risk profiles for every investment.

Easy, instant reports

Helpful, jargon-free risk reports and advice you can share with your investments so they can take action before the worst happens.

Keep ahead of threats

Help investments minimise future risk exposure and prevent threats with KYND’s continuous cyber risk monitoring and alert tools.

Investments face the same cyber risks as everyone else

Cyber risk is the biggest threat that organisations face with new vulnerabilities emerging daily, and your investments aren’t immune to them. KYND is here to help you get a clear view of cyber risk across your entire portfolio, and spot vulnerabilities before the worst happens.

Control cyber risk exposure in your portfolio by sharing reports and jargon-free advice directly with investments, giving them what they need to tackle threats and stay protected. Plus, KYND also keeps your portfolio ahead of emerging threats with continuous risk monitoring and alerts.

Investment management
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Reduce & control cyber risk in every investment

Cyber risk management for investments is easier than you might think, all we need is a website name to get started. What do we offer?

Immediate risk insights

See the cyber posture of an investment in seconds with simple, up-to-date reports that show where risks lie and provide advice on how to mitigate them.

Risk prioritisation

With the growing risk landscape it can be hard to know where to start. KYND tools prioritise the most important and potentially damaging cyber risks.

Continuous monitoring

A 24/7 solution for protecting investments from risk that lets you get on with day-to-day responsibilities confident your investments are secure.

Better recommendations

Simple and useful advice on how to mitigate risks with every report that can be shared with investments – no jargon guaranteed.

Investment preparation

Cyber risk is being looked at more and more as an indicator of a good investment; get investments ahead of risk and give them the best chance of succeeding.

Evolving technology

The rate and style of cyber attacks is always evolving , that’s ok – so are we! Keeping up to date with new risks is easy with KYND and ensures clients are always prepared.

KYND makes a difficult subject – cyber risk – a lot easier to understand. It's rare that I feel able to recommend a product unreservedly: this is one of those occasions.

— Chris Evans, Chief Revenue Officer / SentryBay

In today’s digital world, if there is ever a class of insurance where the focus should be on risk mitigation, rather than just relying on insuring the risk – cyber would be the one. At Gen2 Broking, we take pride in understanding and sharing our clients’ challenges. That’s why when it comes to managing their cyber exposure, we always strive to provide them with innovative solutions and practical advice tailored to their specific business needs – and KYND enables us to do that brilliantly! KYND’s pioneering cyber risk management technology and outstanding specialist support perfectly assists us in our efforts and underpins our risk management forward approach.

— Jon Nottingham, Founder and CEO / Gen2 Broking

We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in recognising leading value propositions that will enable us to provide the best possible service to our clients. I firmly believe that our membership of KYND’s Broker Programme will help us to continue to provide outstanding advice and support now and in the future.

— David Garrad, Director / SRIS

We aim to give the best practical advice and service to our clients, but in a world where cyber risks are evolving and emerging daily, this presents ever-growing challenges. That’s why we’re absolutely delighted to join the KYND Broker Programme. For the first time, we can instantly access expert cyber insights in an easy to understand way that we can share with our clients and full support for our brokers throughout the sales process which is invaluable in ensuring we continue to deliver the ultimate service to our insureds.

— Nick Elwell, CEO /

KYND is unlike any cyber risk product in the market at the moment. In a world where cyber-risk for our customers is threatening, confusing, full of tech jargon, costly and changing by the millisecond; KYND provides simple, wonderfully designed and easy to understand products that helps our customers understand and mitigate these cyber risks.

— Eoghan Daly, Director / Crowe

As one of the leaders in this rapidly growing sector, Paragon are excited to be working with KYND to continue to provide our clients with industry-best solutions tailored to help them get to grips with complex cyber risks, and stay ahead with innovation.

— William Wright, Partner / Paragon

At Ed Broking, we strive to always be at the forefront of the industry, and it also involves being able to effectively address emerging challenges for our clients. KYND’s extensive industry expertise and their innovative cyber risk management products perfectly complement our efforts and support us greatly in delivering on our value proposition which extends beyond simply placing an effective insurance policy.

— Henry Warner, Divisional Director - Head of Cyber / Ed Broking

In a world where cyber risk firmly remains a significant challenge for businesses globally, it’s critical that we support our clients in navigating the ever-changing threat landscape. KYND’s powerful, yet easy-to-use cyber risk management technology enables us to help our clients keep their risks under control and strengthen their cyber resilience to withstand manifold cyber threats in future.

— David Rees, Executive Director and Head of UK Cyber / Howden

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats, underwriting cyber often seems challenging. KYND Signals' powerful combination of actionable cyber risk insights and expert advisory services enables Beazley underwriters to quickly and accurately obtain the right information they need to assess the risks and provide the right cover and solutions to protect businesses from cybercrime.

— Paul Bantick, Global Head of Cyber and Tech / Beazley

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