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KYND Products

Cyber risk prevention with easy monitoring, effective actions and constant alerts

Control cyber risk the KYND way

KYND will make cyber risk simple enough for small business owners to understand without the need for specialist knowledge or additional resources. Equally, KYND will simplify complex cyber risks facing larger companies so non-specialist directors can be actively engaged and in control.

KYND’s cyber risk products will be launching soon.


By applying our proprietary cyber risk management technology to your business, you will get expert insight into the cyber risks you face in a way that’s easy to understand and quick to monitor. We use a simple traffic light system to highlight any areas your business could be exposed in red or amber.


Our technology is constantly scanning for new hacks, viruses, errors and faults. If a part of your business is vulnerable, we help you take immediate actions to stop your cyber risk exposure from turning into a real attack.


KYND then continually monitors your cyber risks day in and day out, alerting you to any future risks as they arise.

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