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PRESS RELEASE: KYND recognised as one of the world’s leading ESGFinTech companies in 2022


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A tech trailblazer in the field of cyber risk management, KYND, is featured in the first-ever global roundup of companies shaping the future of the financial services industry.

KYND Limited, a leading provider of next-generation cyber risk management solutions, today announced it has been named on the first annual ESGFinTech100 list. This inaugural initiative, organised by specialist research firm FinTech Global, highlights the world’s most innovative ESG solution providers that effectively address the challenges and opportunities in the areas of banking, investment, insurance, and trading.

As the world has been navigating a turbulent few years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors have taken centre stage for financial services and their clients, and are now critical for sustainable success. ESG stance has become an important indicator in the investment decision-making process, insurance underwriting criteria, and lending considerations. This includes an organisation’s approach to managing cyber risks, that both regulators and investors increasingly view as their top and ever-evolving concern under the three pillars of ESG – given its systematic relevance and the potential severity of impact in the event of a successful cyber incident.

With cybersecurity fast becoming a core component in ESG frameworks, KYND was recognised for its exceptional use of technology to deliver a range of powerful and efficient solutions for wealth managers, financial advisors, and their clients to help take the lead on complex cyber risk. Whether it’s pre-transaction due diligence, third-party ESG screening, or daily portfolio management, KYND provides comprehensive insight into an organisation’s digital vulnerabilities, as well as personalised remediation advice to help improve the organisation’s cyber posture and reduce the risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack. Leveraging its industry-leading risk intelligence and expert support, KYND enables proactive cyber risk management as part of the day-to-day business activity that positively affects ESG compliance and promotes cyber resilience for growth and sustainability in the face of the expanding threat landscape.

Andy Thomas, CEO and Founder of KYND, commented: “We’re extremely proud and delighted of being recognised in this prestigious ranking. With the number of cyber threats facing businesses growing by the millisecond, such ESG factors as cyber risk management and data security are becoming a priority for financial services firms and their clients. This acknowledgment is a great proof point and evidence for our sustained commitment of supporting our global clients in the financial sector with building cyber resiliency and – as a result – trust and confidence among stakeholders.”

Richard Sachar, Global Director of Fintech Global, added: “Banks that adopt ESG across their business model will be better positioned to engage and retain clients over the coming years. This can turn into a competitive advantage – and a source of new revenue streams. The ESGFinTech100 list helps senior management filter through all the solution providers in the market by highlighting the most innovative ESG tech companies in areas such as ESG Assessment & Reporting, Regulatory Change Management, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening and Banking & Investment products.”

About KYND

KYND is on a mission to make complex cyber risks easy to understand and manage. KYND’s next generation technology makes assessing, understanding, and managing cyber risks easier and quicker than ever before. Recognising one size doesn’t fit all, KYND has designed made-to-measure CyberTech products that work for any size business, from any industry, and is used by clients across the globe.

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