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PRESS RELEASE: KYND recognised as a global Top 100 InsurTech innovator for third year in a row


Insur Tech 2023

KYND has achieved a remarkable hat-trick today, securing its position on Fintech Global's prestigious list of top 100 InsurTech companies for 2023.

KYND Limited, a leading provider of next-generation cyber risk management solutions, today announced its third successive inclusion in Fintech Global's distinguished list of the world's top 100 InsurTech companies. This milestone achievement is a testament to the company's cutting-edge utilisation of their technology to bolster businesses’ cyber resilience and drive unlimited growth within the dynamic cyber insurance market.

This latest inclusion in Fintech Global's prestigious list is evidence of KYND's unwavering dedication to innovation and its pivotal role in shaping the future of cyber risk management. With the threat of cyber crime increasing at a rapid pace, the global insurance market is predicted to rise to a staggering $21.6 billion, and $33.4 billion by 2027, an increase of $4.2 billion from predictions this time last year. This importance of cyber risk management for the insurance sector is magnified as technology continues to evolve and cyber adversaries grow increasingly sophisticated. Mindful of the enduring challenges within the insurance sector, KYND’s latest initiative, KYND SIGNALS, has emerged as a transformative addition to its services, bolstering its commitment to innovation and impactful solutions.

KYND SIGNALS has earned recognition from global insurance leaders for its swift delivery of invaluable insights into clients' cyber risk posture through KYND's proprietary risk intelligence. With continuous monitoring, advanced scanning techniques and a groundbreaking behavioural analysis tool, KYND SIGNALS safeguards underwriters’ portfolios against emerging risks throughout policy lifecycles, ultimately minimising claims potential and enhancing overall resilience. With the addition of its intuitive and user-friendly SIGNALS Client Report, insurers can now effectively communicate cyber risks to their insureds, offering prioritised remedial guidance, and expanding revenue horizons by rendering businesses once considered uninsurable eligible for robust cyber insurance coverage.

Andy Thomas, CEO and Founder of KYND, remarked: "We're immensely proud to witness the continuous recognition and impact of KYND on the global stage. The complexities of navigating the cyber insurance landscape, compounded by an escalating threat environment and stringent underwriting standards, can present formidable challenges for underwriters and their clients. At KYND, we empower underwriters with accurate and actionable insights into their clients’ cyber risks. This enables them to guide and assist their clients in proactively mitigating potential threats, thereby streamlining the cyber insurance application process and driving a new era of success for our valued partners.”

About KYND

KYND is on a mission to make complex cyber risks easy to understand and manage. KYND’s pioneering technology makes assessing, understanding, and managing cyber risks easier and quicker than ever before. Recognising one size doesn’t fit all, KYND has designed made-to-measure products that work for any size business, from any industry, anywhere in the world.

KYND’s unparalleled cyber risk management tools not only enable better-informed investment decision making by providing instant insight into investments’ cyber risk profiles but also help reduce portfolios’ risk exposure with continuous threat monitoring and alerts.

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