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PRESS RELEASE: KYND launches cyber risk management services to investment management sector as cyber threats surge


KYND IM press release

KYND is investment management’s new ally in the fight against cyber risk

KYND Limited, a leading provider of pioneering cyber risk technology, announced the launch of their cyber risk management services into the investment management sector, helping them see, understand and manage cyber risks that have cost the industry billions. The sector, which includes private equity and venture capital organisations, will have full access to KYND’s innovative risk management technology and expert advisory support – designed to help these businesses quickly gain greater visibility and easily reduce complex cyber risks that affect investments across the globe.

Cyber risk in investment management has quickly changed from a threat on the horizon to a clear and present danger. These risks now present themselves as one of the biggest perils to investments of all sizes. In a recent survey by PWC, 52% of respondents indicated a drop in share value as a result of a cyber-attack, while more worryingly IBM’s 2021 report has estimated the cost of a single data breach sitting at around $5.7 million. With all this in mind, managing cyber risk is essential to protecting vital investment capital and tackling threats that can potentially derail a business.

The launch into this sector is a result of the success already experienced by KYND in working with sector players across the EMEA, APAC and Americas regions. KYND, and the growing number of businesses it helps, are creating a safer environment for investments even as threats evolve, with support for every step of the investment cycle – including due diligence and portfolio management.

Championing a quicker and simpler approach to reducing portfolio exposure to threats, KYND was recently named “Most Innovative Cyber Risk Management Solutions Provider” by Wealth & Finance International in 2022. By enabling investment managers to see risk at a glance, for each individual investment and at a portfolio level, while at the same time providing clear and prioritised recommendations on fixes; KYND makes identifying and reducing risk simpler.

Andy Thomas, KYND’s CEO, comments: “We’re excited for the opportunity to further leverage our expertise and offer the support the sector clearly needs. In the face of an evolving threat landscape, being able to get a handle on risk and ensure an asset retains a good cyber posture is more important than ever. Offering the right tools and advice to every organisation regardless of size or location has allowed us to make a global impact. With the latest award win, we’ve received that all-important recognition that we’re helping protect investment capital through our innovative cyber risk management technology.”

About KYND

KYND is on a mission to make complex cyber risks easy to understand and manage. KYND’s pioneering technology makes assessing, understanding, and managing cyber risks easier and quicker than ever before and is used by insurers, brokers, and their clients. Recognising one size doesn’t fit all, KYND has designed made-to-measure InsurTech products that work for any size business, from any industry, anywhere in the world.

KYND’s unparalleled cyber-risk management tools not only enable accelerated sales of cyber policies, speeds up renewal and helps control client risk but also supports better underwriting decisions by removing complexity, providing instant insight into cyber risk exposure while mitigating insured’s risk exposure with continuous monitoring and alerts.

For more information about KYND, visit: https://www.kynd.io/

For press enquiries, contact: press@kynd.io

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