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KYND launches to help every organisation tackle the reality of the cyber risks they face


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The 2018 Allianz Global Risk Barometer ranked cyber as the 2nd most important business risk facing any organisation. It is estimated that almost 3 million British companies were hit by some sort of cyber-attack in the last 12 months, with costs totalling over £29 billion.

Organisations of all sizes have or will be impacted by cyber risks and whilst this threat is well publicised it is not always well understood.

KYND is about to change that.

KYND’s launch comes after securing significant investment from major industry leading companies including CRIF; a global company specialising in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions and CPP Group, an international product marketing business specialising in developing bespoke product, and the formation of the KYND team. The KYND team not only comprises of cyber specialists and technology experts but also includes KYND’s Chairman Mike Harris, previously the founder of First Direct, Egg and ex CEO of Mercury and CEO Andy Thomas who led consumer data and fraud protection company Garlik through to its acquisition by Experian.

This investment and combined expertise has helped KYND spearhead innovative, industry first, proprietary cyber risk management technology. KYND’s cyber risk products will be available later in the year and enable all businesses to easily monitor and understand the cyber risks they face, take action when necessary and be alerted to future risks as they arise.

The number of high profile cyber attacks in the last year prove that no business is safe. Cyber risks will touch every business, big and small, across all industry sectors and in every market. For the majority of business owners however, understanding these risks is thought to be complex and fixing it – costly. With KYND it isn’t. We’re excited to launch the KYND cyber risk products later this year. They will revolutionise this sector, providing businesses of all sizes a simple, easy to use and cost-effective solution and bring cyber risk management into the core of every business.”
Andy Thomas,
CEO and Founder of KYND
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